Wine Tastings

For over two decades, I’ve hosted more than 400 wine tastings for groups ranging from intimate clubs to corporate events and private celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries. Quality wine glasses are crucial, and amenities such as comfortable seating and air conditioning enhance the experience.

The possibilities are endless. Fancy sampling the top 10 Sauvignon Blancs in South Africa? Consider it done. Want to delve into Stellenbosch’s finest wines? Let’s go. With deep knowledge of wine, winemakers, and their stories, I bring each bottle to life uniquely. If you’re looking for an expert, I’m ready to guide you. Having traveled the world making and selling wine, I’m eager to hit the road once more.

Wine Tours

Focusing on foreign clients, I can put together customized tours for tourists. These range from visiting cellars and wine tastings to quad biking, hiking, ziplining, and even boat cruises.

I work with professional teams across all spectrums to create off-the-beaten-track experiences. If you want to visit five Stellenbosch wine farms, I know the winemakers and can make that happen. Want to taste the top-performing wines from the Veritas Competition? We can do that. Again, the sky is the limit. If you tell me what you want to experience, I know the team who can deliver.

Food & Wine Pairings

I have hosted over one hundred food and wine pairing events, collaborating with top South African chefs like Craig Cormack, Peter Goffe-Wood, and Steven Maresch. The events consistently receive outstanding feedback for my engaging and entertaining presentations, compelling attendees to return.

My experience spans various settings, including formal restaurants, pop-ups, private homes, cellars, and rooftops.

We can arrange anything from a 3-course to a 12-course meal, with themes as diverse as your imagination. All dishes are expertly paired with South African wines, or international selections if preferred.

Making wine for (or with, if they have their own cellar) any private individual who wants to have their own wines or brand with their name on it. I have access to grapes (any cultivar and volume needed) if they want to start from scratch, or I have access to unlabeled wine (across a multitude of different wine styles, from low alcohol wines, MCC wines, and sparkling wines, to white, red, and sweet.) If that is what they require. I have a team that can help with all aspects, including designing labels and assisting with some legal requirements. My services are split into two categories:

Actual Winemaking

– Helping them manage a vineyard block throughout the year, from planting to harvest.
– Securing cellar space to make the wine.
– Sourcing all needed additives like yeast, sulfur, and barrels.
– Guiding them from crushing grapes, through fermentation, to bottling.
– Sourcing bottles and a bottling facility.
– Handling labeling and legal requirements.

Mentoring & Wine Knowledge

– One-on-one sessions, teaching the basics of winemaking and wine appreciation.
– Taking clients to supplier events (e.g., Anchor Yeast, Laffort) to learn about additives.
– Taking clients to formal wine tasting events like Caroline’s Red Wine Review or WineEx.
– Introducing clients to formal cultivar workgroups like the Shiraz or Pinotage Association.
– Taking them to barrel/wood suppliers (e.g., TN Coopers).
– Taking clients to wine farms and introducing them to winemakers.

I am available to consult restaurants on their wine lists, and even their wine cellars like wine fridges and choice of glasses and all other wine accessories

I am available to consult any small / medium existing cellar, to guide them from the sourcing of grapes, the entire winemaking process including blending (for specific markets), stabilization and final preparation, prior to bottling.

I am available to consult any Private Wine Collector and help them with the end to end managing of their wine collection. This will be done on a very personal basis. The idea is to get to know my clients and their preference in wine. Not based on word of mouth and what they have been prescribed without tasting it first.

To make sure their collections are organized and that they have an up-to-date inventory list. The systematic stocking of their cellar with wines, both for every day easy drinking, that fit their individual pallet and also, a collection of fine and rare wines that will yield a sense of “return on ego”. The end goal is to help them make informed choices with regards to Food and Wine pairings, both in their private capacity, but even more so, when they are entertaining friends, family or business associates. The service incudes the general maintenance of their cellar, like setting and checking up on temperature and humidity controls plus managing all the wine accessories like glasses, decanters and openers. Side note – I have heard too many times of people storing their priced wines under staircases and opening them years later, only to find that they are now undrinkable.